Caitlin Dechelle, Wonder Woman’s Wonder Woman

It takes a lot of guts to get up every day and intentionally put your life on the line. I envy you.
My best friend is a internationally known stunt man, I’m sure you’ve heard the stories too.
So meeting ms. Dechelle was more then a honor for me. Sure I could tell you about her countless accolades ( 90 NASKA world titles, worked on everything from fast and furious 7 to of course Wonder Woman JUST to name a few), but that’s what her websites for (
Shooting with Caitlin though, was an experience that I’ll never forget. Her effortless ability to switch from hardcore sword wielding badass to glamour model is the mark of a true actress and I saw it first hand. But wait, before I go any further I have to admit I lied about not mentioning accolades. When Jackie Chan is so amazed at seeing you on tv that he take you under his wing there are no ceilings to what you can do. That’s a testament to how much her discipline oozed into the our shoot.
I mean shit if shooting on top of Runyon canyon in 90 degree weather isn’t enough to convince you,  try doing acrobatic stunts wearing all black with makeup and hair ties on top of Runyon canyon in 90 degree weather. Then do that gracefully over and over until your satisfied with the form.
It’s true we got some amazing shots, but they don’t event tell half the story. Just like with most things in life, the pure fortitude and years of hard work that came before these shots were ever though of being taken make them look so easy to the untrained eye. But not to me though..