Damn, Summers Really Over

As you warm up your Labor Day leftovers reminiscing on the much needed 3 day weekend
It hits you.. damn, summers really over huh?Doesn’t it feel like it came and went? I mean it feels like  just yesterday we were celebrating the new grads and planing our dinner trips. And while I’ve had an unforgettable summer myself, it is time to turn the page on summer 2017.
So as we begin to wave goodbye to summer, I’m happy to have end it with a bang. We had a successful 1st annual Powerhxxrs event in Los Angeles in which all our participants got valuable information on how to further their careers in entertainment through the digital media and the tried and true old wash of the business, I was able to shoot with celebrities local and international including the young lady you see here, the amazingly multitalented Christina Mckasty. One of the most accomplished people I’ve shot with in my young career as a professional photographer. International runway model and editorial modeling coach, she’s has taught talent young and old all across the nation, let alone the world, in addition to her published work for vogue Paris (Also, she is from my home town of Charleston, South Carolina #chucktown). As we take our moment of silence for Summer 2017 I hope you enjoy the first part of our set for “Damn, Summers really over.”