Give me liberty, or give me death


You know, Perspective is everything. Before we even decided to shoot I took some time to get to know my new client Sahara, and viewing things through her perspective really taught me a lot about my own self. This, Enlightenment, if you will didn’t hit me though until we were on our way to our shoot. we had so many different themes and concepts we both wanted to accomplish even in a limited amount of time. But make no mistake, with in that 45min car right to the photo studio (completely unbeknownst to her), encompassed deep understanding of not only how important it was to make this the best shoot I could possibly bring her, but how even with all the hectic divisions going on in our society as Americans how thankful I was to be born here.

She came to the US in 2012 from Nepal, and as she told me her shock of seeing Woman here controlling their own destinies and becoming bosses, ( ignorantly i thought, you have no idea how much further we have to go).  I realized that my perspective was based only on the climate Ive seen. I mean we all know that they say even with all the strife, you have so much more opportunities here in America then you even realize. It took the conviction in her voice of being here and saying, ” Now that I see its possible and I have a chance I’m going for it,” for me to really understand. It was that same energy that drove me to follow my heart and “take this whole entertainment thing seriously,”years ago.

See I have my own story, while ill save that for another day, being able to create for a living is something I haven’t taken for granted. Although, I must admit on the pursuit to become great I have lost sense of the little strives I have made. Ive been told I have a laser focus. which that comes from circumstances of my past that we can talk about later,  It was that youthful energy of “everything new and I want to be prepared” that made me realize man I’ve come a long way. I remember being in her same shoes, just ready to go, hungry for whats next and the possibilities of living like the people I aspired to be, that re-energized me.

It also made me think. Ive done a lot in my 26 years of living that most people will never do. But being so caught up on the next big move and chasing a non stop, ever evolving goal, will make your life flash like a blur.  You know its like they say,” you have to stop and smell the flowers some times,” and it took this excited, talented young woman to make me realize that. I didn’t mean to make this about myself. To be honest Sahara’s story is an amazing one on its own, but as I sit here and reflect on this experience, I felt this session was important to our community of hustlers out there.

But I said all that to say, that it really isn’t the destination that is so important, because if you’re like me and you focus so much on the end goal, you’ll  miss your whole life. Balancing it all is the Key. We took some amazing shots, (which you will definitely see more of soon I promise!), I learned more from the journey there then I even thought possible.