“Im not a Model”

I love when things happen unexpectedly. As things at the FD studios grand opening started to wind down (at least for me) I decided to start packing up. Then in walks ms. Areial. There were a lot of great models at this mixer ( if you will) but I craved some diversity. So seeing her was a breath of fresh air! After a quick introductions we got to shooting. Now I didn’t know this until we started, but she wasn’t a model at all she asked for advice on poses and took directions perfectly. And as I am realizing in my new line of work all that matters is the end result we got some great shots and a dope story to tell. I hope she continues to walk in front of a camera because it loves her. She has a great personality and a genuine smile which you can tell through these dope shots we took. Follow her on IG @Areial.L