Waiting Pt. 2


You know, when i picked up the camera, I thought I would just be using this medium to tell other people stories. In a lot of ways its very similar to my music. The more I create,  the more i see that my emotions are just as tied to the photos I take; from the concepts I come up with, to the people I choose to collaborate with. I try to tell stories with these photos not just take dope shots but package it in a way that you can see all 1000 words, as they say a picture is worth. I see how my sorties my visions leak though the photos themselves.

When I was thinking of putting together  Waiting ( Part 1 & 2), I came to the realization that this set symbolizes my constant battle between having patience and waiting. Call it naivety, call it a misunderstanding of what patience means, but as I get older ( I’m 26) I now realize that by having patience that means having the wherewithal to continue to go, push, strive for whatever your chasing, and enjoy the process even if you never get there just being happy just to do it. While at the same time understanding that you won’t get there tomorrow today or as quickly as you believe you should. Unlike waiting which I feel like is is expecting your next thing to be your break and not doing anything to further your process as you wait. So my question to you is, are you waiting or are you being patient?